My Masculinities Project

My Masculinities Project was a project conducted on the Western Illinois University Macomb campus that encouraged students to create personal blog posts concerning their unique or conforming experience of masculinity. We are including it as part of the CSMMD Blog and extending the invitation for anyone to contribute to the project.

The following are the parameters/guidelines for the intent of the My Masculinities Project:

How have you experienced masculinity and how does it intersect with your race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, costume, career, food, TV, music, health, body, senses, sex, reading, writing, arithmetic, science, research, faith, botany, cars, ships, planes, construction, chemistry, house, room, farm, pet, partner, enemy, family, electronic, appliances, furniture, shoes, gym, exercise, sports, couch potato, education, finances, environment, mind, psychology, pathology, guilt, love, depression, expression, poetry, speech, vision, leadership, following, you name it.

Who you are as a masculine, non-masculine, modern masculine, post-masculine, pseudo-masculine, faux masculine entity and what the heck that means to you. What trials and tribulations, successes, joys, and ecstasies have you experienced as a result of this expression. Be experiential, be free, be safe ,be sane, let go, and hold on. You decide. Tell all. Elucidate, obfuscate, illuminate. Entertain, mock, revere, tear it down, build it up. Be a man, whatever that means. Or not.

Send entries to Unless otherwise specified, your blog will include your first name.



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