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My Masculinities Project – Jessica

In today’s society it seems impossible to break away from how our culture has socially constructed being male or female. In reflecting in my own experience growing up, there were many indicators that those involved contributed to gendering my body. One aspect that was emphasized in my family was the perceptions of males and females … Continue reading

My Masculinities Project – Matt

I know exactly what a man is, or rather what makes up a man.  How could I not considering I have the parts that make me a man and I mean literally that my penis exists?  Beyond the physical attributes required to be hanging between one’s legs to be a male in our species, what … Continue reading

My Masculinities Project – Belinda

     As woman I have experienced masculinity in various ways. As a child I did many “jobs” my younger brother should have been doing, but being too young he was not allowed to. I shoveled rocks into the driveway with my father, took the garbage to the street and shoveled the snow in the winter. … Continue reading

My Masculinities Project – Anthony

I am Anthony Adamson and I am a man stuck in a society that revolves around masculinity. I used to not know what it meant to fit in when I was a child. To fit into this society I had to be stereotypical and that was something I was not nor am to this day. … Continue reading

My Masculinities Project – Micah (2nd post)

Men go days without even thinking about the dangers of using the men’s bathroom or not shaving their legs. It is much more difficult for someone who may not 100% pass as a man, meaning be perceived as a man by everyone all of the time. For transgender males, life is a completely different story, … Continue reading

My Masculinities Project – Micah

I come from a family where masculine women are typical. All of my aunts played sports. All of my girl cousins play sports. My mom played sports. My grandma played sports. Sports are a big deal in my family, but sports are aimed more toward the masculine side of the gender spectrum. This why I … Continue reading