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How to Construct the Perfect penis!

This post was originally at Sociology in Focus. The “perfect penis” recipe = 1 cup of history, 2 tablespoons of stereotype, a dash of Asian male emasculation, add a liberal helping of the fear of Black males. In this post, Bridget Welch sees how men in different racial groups measure up. WARNING: Untrue, offensive, and … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Be a Feminist Man….and the backlash

It is astounding how much vitriol is generated when men publicly support feminism. A blog post at made a rational argument that generated not only a lot of comments on the blog itself, but responses in other blog posts from very angry men such as this one: Such reaction only supports the dire … Continue reading

Heteronormativity & My Son, The Equal Opportunity Flirt.

This is a blog post re-posted from SociologyInFocus “He’s such a flirt,” was a common refrain when my son would gummily smile up and giggle at the women who stopped to see him. And they did stop. In droves. Remember, I told youhow damn cute he was (is — thank you, see picture for exhibit A). … Continue reading

My Father’s Legacy

My father always wanted sons, and was fortunate enough to have 3. Unfortunately, he did not know how to communicate with us. I remember when I was little, between the ages of 4 to 6, he took me to the park and tried to play catch with me. I could not do it and gave … Continue reading

Gendered Environments Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Buy a Tire

When I was in Social Psychology Class in grad school, we talked about gendered environments (perhaps there was social psychology jargon for it, but I think gendered environments speaks clearly). These are environments that are specific to one gender: for women, it might be a ballet class, or a beauty parlor—environments where feminine clothing might … Continue reading

Gay Separatism (and Evolved Straight Men)

Back in the 70’s in the rip-roaring-radical town of Berzerkely, CA, I made the acquaintance of a number of women who labeled themselves “Radical Feminist Lesbian Lawyers.” My “in” to the group was a bisexual liberal lawyer who hung with my college roommates. I was permitted to be around this group of women as long … Continue reading


When I was in graduate school at IUP about 10 to 12 years ago, the women who put on the Vagina Monologues asked for men to write their own monologue about what the world would look like without violence toward women. Only about 4 of us showed up to the workshop. We decided for each … Continue reading

Males in Dresses

I found an article on that showed a man’s willingness to wear a dress in public in support of his young son’s preference for wearing dresses. I was amazed at the father’s sensitivity and willingness to confront conformity for the sake of his child’s identity and integrity. I sent the URL to everyone at CSMMD … Continue reading

Learning How To Walk A Mile

Not all men rape.  But almost all who rape are men.  Women don’t deserve to be objectified just because they are women. Not all women are sluts. And neither are all men.   One of the reasons I work with college students is because I “like” the problem people.  And I have found these types … Continue reading

In Defense of Mythopoetic Men’s Groups, or How Banging Drums in the Woods Can Be Good for the Soul

Being active in the theoretical as well as practical (re: participatory and activist) elements of men’s development, one is bound to come across mention of the mythopoetic men’s movement.  Explanation of this aspect of men’s studies will include mention,  (often as a criticism,) of the mythopoetic framework as being constructed around an essentialist approach to masculinity.  In other … Continue reading