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My Masculinities Project Contribution

My Masculinities Project – Anthony

I am Anthony Adamson and I am a man stuck in a society that revolves around masculinity. I used to not know what it meant to fit in when I was a child. To fit into this society I had to be stereotypical and that was something I was not nor am to this day. I was a dork throughout my middle school days and my popularity and relationships with others suffered. Girls didn’t harmlessly flirt with me or think I was cute. I was just that kid that was taking up another seat in the classroom.

Looking back on it I finally realized why my childhood was like how it was. I wasn’t following in the footsteps of masculinity. I wasn’t a jerk or arrogant like most boys that age. I was meek, well mannered, and an all around genuinely a nice person. Time and time again girls picked the jerks over me while I continually was stuck in the friend zone only coming to me when they were upset. It was like I was one of the girls… I remained quiet and sat in the background until I got my first glimpse of acknowledgement. It started around the time when I started to mature and I improved in sports. The teammates that gawked and laughed at me were now being nice to me and trying to be my friend. Of course I didn’t care because I was finally starting to receive notice. This was when I realized how important being masculine was. I started to change myself and became a full-fledged jock. I still kept my values and morals, that way I would never become like the people that picked on me.

Throughout my high school years I found out that not everything revolved around sports and I started to discover the issues that surface in a masculine society.  Sex was like a ranking system along with partying. I realized that was not the way I wanted to go, so I created a new identity for myself. I call it the Geek 2.0. I love playing video games and I am now ok with being nerdy. I no longer cared what society thought of me and that I was going to do what I enjoyed to do. Luckily along with video games, I loved sports and continued to hone my abilities in them. I was now a dweeb that was good at sports and confortable with myself. Girls started to take notice and realize that the nice genuine guy they used to know still existed and that is something I take pride in to this day.

I am Anthony and I enjoy playing nerdy video games, I try to help people when ever I can, try to be a gentlemen to women (since this concept seems to have died recently), I am an athlete, I don’t drink or smoke, and people accept me for who I am. My names Anthony Adamson and I am the Geek 2.0.


About CSMMD Admin

The Center for the Studies of Masculinities and Men's Development at Western Illinois University. Research is clear that men are in crisis, particularly men from underrepresented populations. However, considerable disagreement exists about how to most effectively support men's engagement and development, while maintaining focus on social justice. The Center for the Study of Masculinities and Men’s Development aims to provide quality scholarship, advocacy, and programming that positively influences college men’s development in a manner congruent with gender equity and social justice.


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