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My Masculinities Project – Micah (2nd post)

Men go days without even thinking about the dangers of using the men’s bathroom or not shaving their legs. It is much more difficult for someone who may not 100% pass as a man, meaning be perceived as a man by everyone all of the time. For transgender males, life is a completely different story, … Continue reading

My Masculinities Project – Micah

I come from a family where masculine women are typical. All of my aunts played sports. All of my girl cousins play sports. My mom played sports. My grandma played sports. Sports are a big deal in my family, but sports are aimed more toward the masculine side of the gender spectrum. This why I … Continue reading

How to Construct the Perfect penis!

This post was originally at Sociology in Focus. The “perfect penis” recipe = 1 cup of history, 2 tablespoons of stereotype, a dash of Asian male emasculation, add a liberal helping of the fear of Black males. In this post, Bridget Welch sees how men in different racial groups measure up. WARNING: Untrue, offensive, and … Continue reading