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How Would Your Life Be Different if You Had Been Born the Opposite Sex?

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In a video that has circulated on You Tube over the past few years, Dustin Hoffman looks back on his role in the film Tootsie, a 1982 film directed by Sydney Pollack in which a talented but volatile actor is forced to adopt a new identity as a woman to land a job.  Among other gender issues, he raises the question of what it would have been like to be born a woman.

As a woman in my 40s, I decided to look back to consider what life would have been like as a male.  This weekend I asked my mother about her pregnancy and her expectations of my birth.  It’s true: she and my dad were hoping for a boy, and they were going to name him Scott.  Of course, they were happy to have me—Karen Lynn Saverino, a tiny little blonde-hair blue eye-d baby that resembled…

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