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Five Reasons to Be a Feminist Man….and the backlash

It is astounding how much vitriol is generated when men publicly support feminism. A blog post at made a rational argument that generated not only a lot of comments on the blog itself, but responses in other blog posts from very angry men such as this one: Such reaction only supports the dire … Continue reading

Heteronormativity & My Son, The Equal Opportunity Flirt.

This is a blog post re-posted from SociologyInFocus “He’s such a flirt,” was a common refrain when my son would gummily smile up and giggle at the women who stopped to see him. And they did stop. In droves. Remember, I told youhow damn cute he was (is — thank you, see picture for exhibit A). … Continue reading

How Would Your Life Be Different if You Had Been Born the Opposite Sex?

Originally posted on He Said, She Said: The Forum:
She said: In a video that has circulated on You Tube over the past few years, Dustin Hoffman looks back on his role in the film Tootsie, a 1982 film directed by Sydney Pollack in which a talented but volatile actor is forced to adopt a…